How to change time and settings?

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1. To change time or custom settings, download the configuration tool from PC download or Mac download
2. Install and run the "Zetta widget" from "Start"->"Program"->"Zetta"->"Zetta Widget" for PC, or "Launchpad" for Mac
3. Put a microSD card into the DVR and plug the DVR to the computer
4. To change time, press "Sync Date Time to DVR"
5. To change settings, in "Option" page, change to "Custom Mode", then press "Save Option"
6. In "Settings" page, adjust the settings you want, then press "Sync Settings to DVR"
7. Put the slide switch of the DVR to the right before powering up. The DVR will record according to the computer settings
8. If trigger is enabled, the DVR will first record for 10 seconds. Then it will standby if there is no trigger
9. If there is trigger, it will record and record until no further triggers, and keep recording for 5 more minutes and then standby

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